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Latin American Sales Rep Conference in Dominican Republic
Dec. 10 2015

Punta Cana Sales Conference

Mirus was happy to be a part of the 12th Annual Conference of ECS & MIRUS Latin American Distributors in Punta Cana, this month. The event, which brought together Reps from across the region including Mexico, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, and Uruguay, was a huge success! Mirus presented a workshop on the SOLV product along with a seminar on how to compete against alternative methods of harmonic mitigation. Other key highlights included the expansion of Lineator sales into Brazil.

Advantages of 6-Pulse VFD with Lineator vs Active Front End (AFE) Drives
Nov. 10 2015


Active Front End (AFE) Drive manufacturers claim that their technology provides the best solution for the treatment of harmonics associated with variable frequency drives. They are quick to point out the benefits over standard 6-pulse VFDs equipped with diode bridge rectifiers, but what they won't tell you is that current harmonics are much higher when measured above the 50th, and that serious problems can result from introducing these higher frequency harmonics.

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SOLV Harmonic Analysis Software diagnoses problem and recommends Mirus Lineator as best solution
Oct. 08 2015

Hayes Metals, a small specialty processor and marketer of recyclable metals, recently encountered a unique issue with their utility provider, on account of the power requirements for their new 1000 kVA furnace.

The issue was diagnosed using SOLV, our powerful harmonic analysis software, and a MIRUS Lineator that met the stringent requirements of the utility was recommended as the solution.

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Mirus introduces specialized Lineator™ to reduce harmonics in marine and offshore applications

January 20 2016

TORONTO – January 20, 2016 – The marine, drilling and offshore industries demand top performance, uncompromised reliability and unparalleled safety. Mirus has developed the Marine and Offshore Specific (MOS) Lineator™ to deliver on those needs while meeting the stringent requirements of regulating bodies. This newest Lineator™ provides proven harmonic mitigation performance designed specifically for marine applications such as offshore drilling, offshore oil production and naval and commercial vessels.

"Electrical system power quality is a huge concern for this sector," says Tony Hoevenaars, Mirus President & CEO. "As AC and DC drives draw non-linear current, they distort the supply voltage in the form of line notching, overvoltage ringing and severe flat-topping. This can cause serious equipment operational problems and even catastrophic failure."

On weak AC systems, especially those powered by generators, the harmonic voltage distortion can be up to FOUR times that of on-shore systems with similar harmonic loading. For safety of life at sea (SOLAS) and operational integrity, equipment to control harmonics is critical.

"The Mirus Lineator™ is undoubtedly the best technical solution available on the market today for the marine and oil and gas sectors," says Ian C Evans, Principal Electrical Engineer of Harmonic Solutions Oil & Gas. "Not only is it fully compliant with certifying bodies around the world, it outperforms most other passive and active solutions, hands down."

Specialized engineering

In addition to standard Lineator™ features, the marine duty version offers the following marine-and offshore-specific features:

  • Fortified IP-rated enclosure, purpose-built for a marine environment
  • Two-part marine-grade powder coating
  • Galvanneal paneling
  • Tin-plated terminals
  • Internal bracing for vibration and shock resistance
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Conformal coating on all electrical components for humidity resistance
  • Continuous capacitor and reactor monitoring
  • Available harmonic mitigation performance and power consumption monitoring
  • Available ‘maintenance on the run’

InSight ‘Condition Based Maintenance’ monitoring system

The Marine and Offshore Specific Lineator™ is equipped with Mirus’ advanced new InSight Power Meter and Alarm Monitor to provide a unique diagnostic system that constantly monitors the health of the filter’s capacitors and reactor. This ‘condition based maintenance’ feature provides operators with vital information about performance and maintenance requirements so that action can be taken before a failure may occur. In addition, a second InSight Power Meter can be included to provide harmonic performance and power consumption data for continuous evidence of how well the MOS Lineator™ is performing.

Maintenance ‘on the run’

The MOS Lineator™ offers an optional and unique feature for extremely critical applications. Its capacitors can be maintained without powering down the reactor to allow for continuous operation. By isolating the capacitor bank from the reactor section, it can be disconnected safely for service and maintenance, eliminating the need for expensive shut-downs, and ensuring that production or propulsion operation can continue without interruption. During capacitor maintenance, operation continues with the Lineator™ reactor still engaged to limit harmonics, but with somewhat reduced effectiveness. “Lineator™ will get you home when other types of mitigations fail to”, says Harmonic Solutions Oil & Gas.

15 years of protection for the marine industry

Mirus has been supplying the marine and offshore industries with the globally-recognized Lineator™ wide-spectrum passive filter for over 15 years. With tens of thousands of Lineators™ in operation around the world, Mirus is a leading authority on harmonics and a trusted source for advanced, effective mitigation across a variety of industries.

About Mirus International

Mirus International Inc. supplies specialized power quality products that reduce harmonic problems and save energy in electrical power distribution systems worldwide. They have produced many patented designs useful in addressing problems associated with harmonic generating non-linear loads such as personal computers, telecom equipment, broadcasting equipment and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). With the introduction of their revolutionary LINEATOR™ Universal Harmonic Filter (UHF), they have captured a significant portion of the market for premium harmonic Variable Frequency Drive solutions. Their newest generation Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter (AUHF) is the solution of choice for major VFD (and DC SCR drive) manufacturers and is specified by consulting engineers worldwide.