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Lineator Harmonic Filter with 6-pulse VFD Outperforms 18-pulse VFD in reducing Harmonics

Brampton, ON – April 21, 2011 – The use of Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) is increasing in many industries resulting in an increased need to treat the current harmonics generated by these nonlinear loads. Two common methods of harmonic treatment include using a 6-pulse VFD with harmonic filter and an 18-pulse VFD. In comparing these methods, Mirus International, finds that using a 6-pulse VFD with its passive harmonic filter, Lineator™, is a better performing solution.

As the world’s foremost authority on harmonics mitigation, Mirus International has been at the forefront of developing world-class power quality improvement products for a myriad of applications, often called to solve some of the most challenging harmonic problems. From municipal waste water pumps to offshore drilling rigs and ship propulsion systems, Mirus has continuously proven that its solution – 6-pulse VFD with Lineator™ filter – is more effective and efficient than an 18-pulse drive.

One such example includes a skydiving simulator company that was considering using 18-pulse drives for its large blowers. Using Mirus’ proprietary and complimentary harmonic analysis software, SOLV™, the company found that 6-pulse VFDs with Lineator™ filters was the best and most cost effective choice. The findings? A 6-pulse VFD with Lineator™ was up to 3% more efficient, took up to 25% less floor space, cost 25% less and provided better harmonic mitigation especially when background voltage distortion and phase voltage imbalance were taken into consideration. Field measurements taken during earlier comparison testing demonstrated that the Lineator™ can actually outperform the predicted levels. Losses were 3.5% to 6% lower than the 18-pulse drive, and current distortion levels were better than Mirus’ guaranteed values. To read more on this application, please download the case study at http://www.mirus.ca/2015/downloads/Case-Study-SkyVenture-Montreal.pdf.

“Mirus’ Lineator™ filter has been engineered and manufactured to treat even the most challenging of harmonic applications. When coupled with a 6-pulse VFD it simply outperforms 18-pulse VFDs and on applications where companies can’t afford downtime, risk equipment failure or distortion of any kind on the electrical distribution system, there’s no better solution,” says Al Archambault, Director of Sales, Mirus International.

Tony Hoevenaars, President and CEO

Mirus International releases the next version of SOLV™, the industry’s leading harmonics analysis software.

March 24, 2011 – Brampton, ON – The world’s foremost authority on harmonics mitigation, Mirus International, introduces the newest version of SOLV™, its proprietary and complimentary harmonics analysis software. The new version includes a suite of new features that build on the depth and breadth of harmonics and power quality analysis available in previous versions.

SOLV™ is a powerful simulation program that will calculate current and voltage distortion levels by simulating the Mirus Lineator(TM) and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) / Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) based on your load requirements. Key features include: a friendly, easy-to-use interface, fast simulation, built-in Lineator™ AUHF filters, built-in load models for alternate solutions such as AC line and or DC Link reactors, and multipulse VFDs, real-time waveforms and spectrums and detailed IEEE 519 compliance reports. By simply entering some basic information about your source and VSD system, MIRUS' SOLV™ will help you find the right solution for your VSD application without the need of a costly harmonic study.

Mirus first developed SOLV™ as a filter design tool. It worked so well that Mirus saw an opportunity to make it available to VFD OEM’s, and Consulting Engineers.

“They had a need for power quality analysis software, particularly, the ability to accurately calculate and determine power system harmonic distortion when using Variable Speed Drives, and SOLV™ was able to fill that gap. And with built-in IEEE Std 519 harmonic limits this is a valuable tool for any consulting engineer or power quality professional,” says Tony Hoevenaars, President and CEO, Mirus International, “The newest version is the next evolution in our quest to provide superior harmonics analysis – it provides users with additional tools that will improve their ability to calculate current and voltage distortion for their unique applications.”

New features of SOLV™ version 6.4 include:

  • Ability to Export Harmonic Spectrum information to a Spreadsheet
  • Energy Analysis
    • Provides total kW, kVA and kVAR at PCC#1, PCC#2, Distribution Panel and in Summary Report
    • kW calculation includes all harmonic losses in transformers and cables
      • Requires input of transformer efficiency and % stray losses
    • Provides evidence of how energy can be saved by removing harmonic losses introduced by VFD’s
    • Allows for justification of Lineators based on energy savings in addition to harmonic compliance
  • Metric cable sizes are now standard European sizes
  • Telephone Interference Factor (TIF) and I*T Product are calculated at PCC#1 and PCC#2
    • Calculates TIF and I*T based on IEEE Std 519 and compares results to required limits

The new version of SOLV™ can be downloaded for free at www.mirus.ca/2015/. If you are an existing SOLV™ user login at the Mirus website membership area to download the new version of SOLV.

Tony Hoevenaars, President and CEO

Mirus International introduces AutoTransLineator™, an auto transformer with built-in harmonics filter all on one compact common core

January 27, 2011 – Brampton, ON – Mirus International, the world’s foremost authority on harmonics mitigation is pleased to launch its newest product the AutoTransLineator™. A low voltage AutoTransformer with built-in Lineator™ harmonic filter, the AutoTransLineator™ offers multi-pulse performance for 6-pulse Variable Speed Drives on low voltage applications where the VFD voltage rating is different than the service voltage – addressing the need for either step-down or step-up line voltage transformation.

The AutoTransLineator™ can be used in a number of applications – wherever there is a need to align the VFD voltage with the service voltage rating. Common applications include HVAC equipment in commercial buildings, equipment with VFDs in hospitals and offshore drilling environments.

“This is the only product on the market that provides the benefits of an autotransformer and the industry’s leading passive harmonics filter for 6-pulse VFDs,” says Tony Hoevenaars, President and CEO, Mirus International.

Other methods of harmonic treatment on low voltage, 6-pulse VFD applications require a special replacement 18-pulse VFD or separate transformer to match the existing 6-pulse VFD voltage along with tuned passive harmonic filters, or expensive active harmonic filters.

The AutoTransLineator™ treats all major harmonics generated by VFDs and other 3-phase 6-pulse rectifier loads, meets IEEE Std 519, can be easily applied to a single or group of VFDs, has a power factor of 0.98 lagging to 0.95 and an input current demand distortion of less than 5% on systems that have an lsc/IL ratio of <20.Various sizes are available ranging from 60HP to 3500HP in voltages up to 690V. For more information on this product as well as other power quality products offered by Mirus, visit www.mirus.ca/2015/

Tony Hoevenaars, President and CEO

MIRUS International Inc. Expands its Canadian Operations Into New Facility

BRAMPTON, Nov. 16 -- In a continuing effort to provide the best power quality and energy efficient products to worldwide commercial and industrial markets, Mirus International Inc. – the leader in the design and manufacture of high efficiency harmonic mitigating products for electrical power distribution systems – officially opened its new facility in Brampton, Ontario.

“The rapid growth of the Lineator AUHF and Onics HMRP product lines – necessitated the new 32,733 square-foot facility,” said Mirus President Tony Hoevenaars.

“We are very excited about our new facility in Brampton. We had outgrown our shop in Mississauga which made it increasingly challenging to manufacture our large horsepower range of Lineators for the offshore drilling market in a limited space,” Hoevenaars stated.

“After extensive search, we decided that a new, larger facility would best meet our current and future requirements,” Hoevenaars added. “Mirus International has outgrown its facility twice in last ten years, and we wanted a facility that could accommodate our continued growth and new products. The new facility is almost twice the size of the previous one and will allow us to continue to provide superior quality product at reduced delivery times for our customers. In addition to upgrading our facility, we have made substantial capital investments in tooling, equipment, and logistics to better serve our customer base, and provide a solid foundation for continued growth.”

About Mirus International Inc.: MIRUS International Inc. is a leader in the design and manufacture of high efficiency harmonic mitigating products for electrical power distribution systems. Their innovative approach to harmonic mitigation has allowed their customers around the world to benefit by solving their power quality issues, while saving energy and reducing operating costs.

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