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MIRUS Acquisition in China Creates Jobs in Ontario and Abroad

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO-- ( Nov. 13, 2014) -

Brampton-based MIRUS International has just acquired Chinese manufacturing operations, and with it, created vital jobs for people in both Canada and China. By acquiring an established operation, MIRUS has saved a number of jobs in China, and expanded their home-based operations significantly, creating a Canadian management, engineering, training, and support presence that has created additional jobs at home.

MIRUS is a power quality company that specializes in harmonics mitigation. Their unique products reduce distortion in electrical current and help equipment operate more effectively, and allow mission critical machinery like oil rigs and supply ships to operate without risk of failure and shutdown. They are a leader in their industry in North and South American markets; the new acquisition has allowed them to extend their reach and grow export sales into the rapidly expanding Asia/Pacific market, which offers tremendous opportunities to Canadian manufacturers.

"It has allowed MIRUS to be more competitive on a global scale," says Tony Hoevenaars, MIRUS President and CEO. "Not only does it allow us to affordably expand our offering, it gives us a chance to be involved in Ontario's ongoing initiative to partner with China for business building and job creation."

The new MIRUS facility in China is in Suzhou, in Jiangsu province, a sister province to Ontario. As it happens, that's exactly where Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne just recently led a trade mission - and announced new Chinese investment in Ontario.

"Ontario and Jiangsu have spent decades building our strong partnership, in the business world and also in the academic world," says Wynne. "I am so pleased that our relationship continues to flourish and create mutual growth and more new jobs in each of our provinces."

On October 27th, Chinese companies announced significant investments in Ontario that will add up to as many as 230 new jobs for the province, and help the province's businesses compete more effectively on a global scale.

"While China is adding jobs in Canada," says Hoevenaars, "Ontarians like us are reciprocating by building opportunities for Chinese workers as well. We've already added 14 jobs in our 5000 m2 facility in China and expect that to grow to 50 positions within the next couple of years. We are also increasing jobs in Brampton, partly to support the manufacturing operation in Suzhou."

MIRUS has been recognized for their focus and innovation by making the Finalist round for the 2014 Ontario Export Awards, where they are a strong contender in the Emerging Exporter category. These prestigious awards recognize the innovative approaches and contributions of Ontario export companies and the individuals who work hard to ensure their success. Awards will be handed out at the November 25th gala in Mississauga.

Mirus International

New 5000 sq. m MIRUS facility in Suzhou, Jiangsu province to employ up to 50 Chinese workers while also creating jobs in Canada.

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Jeffrey Zhao
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Martin Pietrzak
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Canadian Power Quality Technology from Brampton Ontario Keeps Toronto Indoor Skydivers Flying High
iFLY Toronto Sources Local Canadian Tech in MIRUS International to Maintain Power Quality for Wind Tunnel Fans

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO-- ( Oct. 9, 2014) -

With the recent grand opening of the first dedicated wind tunnel facility for indoor skydiving in Ontario, Brampton-based MIRUS International is proud to announce its role as supplier of harmonic mitigation and power quality improvement technology for iFLY Toronto. iFLY's wind tunnel generates a unique indoor skydiving experience, where anyone can feel the beauty and freedom of flight.

At more than 4 meters wide, iFLY Toronto is one of the largest and most technically advanced skydive wind tunnel facilities in the world. It features a Canadian power quality technology that prevents and solves harmonics issues that cause electrical current and voltage distortion problems-problems that can lead to electrical inefficiencies and abnormal operations of equipment such as overheating. The LINEATOR also provides such substantial energy savings that iFLY will recuperate the upfront costs of this harmonics filter within six months.

"As a Canadian company, we are especially proud that our products have found their way into a major public installation as close to us and local as iFLY Toronto. There is a special satisfaction in seeing MIRUS International's global acceleration in international markets complemented by growth right in our own backyard," said Tony Hoevenaars, president of MIRUS International.

iFLY Toronto's wind tunnel has in place four 350 horsepower variable frequency drive fans with a 1400 horsepower MIRUS LINEATOR Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter installed to ensure efficient harmonic mitigation. Additionally, MIRUS supplied iFLY with its InSight Power Meter and Alarm Monitor, designed to continuously monitor harmonics in real-time. It communicates to iFLY's operators essential information to let them know that the equipment is operating within safe limits and performing as promised.

"iFLY Toronto's use of the LINEATOR and InSight serves as a great example of MIRUS International's Canadian expertise in power quality finding recognition right here at home, in a unique application for those who want to defy gravity and learn how to fly," said Al Archambault, MIRUS International's director of sales.

iFLY Toronto is the first indoor skydiving simulator of its kind in Ontario and the second to open in Canada, following Montreal. Located at the Oakville Centrum and only 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, iFLY Toronto is expected to attract more than 60,000 visitors in its first year of operations. In addition to iFLY Toronto, MIRUS International also supplies harmonic mitigation to many other Sky Venture LLC's 24 wind tunnels around the world, including SkyVenture Montreal, iFLY Arizona, iFLY Singapore and iFLY Downunder.

Media Contact:
Martin Pietrzak
Marketing Director

MIRUS International launches the first passive harmonic filter that outperforms an active filter
Passive filter outperforms active filters in efficiency, with gains of 2 per cent or more.

BRAMPTON, ONTARIO-- ( Dec. 3, 2013) -

MIRUS International has launched its new, high performance LINEATOR Advanced Universal Harmonic Filter (AUHF) that matches the performance of Active Front Ends (AFE) or Active Harmonic Filters (AHF). Known as the LINEATOR High Performance (HP), it creates efficiency gains of at least 2 per cent and is free of high frequency harmonics and noise issues associated with inverters used in active solutions.

“The LINEATOR HP is a leap forward for harmonic filters for mission critical operations. Our new high performance filter reflects our commitment to bringing the best power quality improvement products to the market,” said MIRUS International president Tony Hoevenaars.

Unlike AFEs or AHFs, the LINEATOR HP ‎passive harmonic filter does not inject higher frequency voltage distortion (frequencies above the 50th up to the 100th harmonic) or higher electromagnetic interference (EMI) common-mode voltages and ground currents into the electrical supply system. These higher voltage harmonics are known contributors to failures in other connected equipment, including power supplies of critical electronic controls, online test equipment, computers, PLCs, circuit breakers with electronic trips and other crucial power system protection equipment.

“The LINEATOR HP is more reliable and easier to maintain than any of the complex AFE drives or active filters currently available,” said Al Archambault, MIRUS International’s Director of Sales. “The efficiencies achieved with our LINEATOR HP have really set new standards in passive filter performance.”

Specifying the LINEATOR HP for application with standard 6-Pulse VFD's provides end-users with low harmonic drive systems at 20 to 30 per cent less in capital costs than other solutions. Operating costs are also significantly lowered due to the higher efficiency gains.

For more information on the LINEATOR HP and other wold class power quality improvement products, visit

For complete technical specifications and applications for the LINEATOR AUHF, download and read the brochure at

Media Contact:
Jermaine Reyes
Marketing Coordinator, Mirus International
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Mirus International advances harmonics analysis technology with the release of SOLV™ 6.5, the industry’s leading software

BRAMPTON, ON - August 8, 2013 - Used as a trusted tool by power quality professionals since 2004, Mirus International has released version 6.5 of SOLV™—its proprietary harmonics simulation and analysis software. This latest version of SOLV™ provides an increased level of depth and breadth in harmonics simulation and analysis needed by consulting and specifying engineers, utility operators, OEMs and other power quality professionals working in oil & gas, marine, HVAC, water and wastewater, heavy industry, government, education and more.

SOLV™ is a powerful simulation program that calculates current and voltage distortion levels by simulating adjustable speed drive (ASD) applications based on load requirements. By entering basic information about the source and ASD system, SOLV™ helps find the right solution for an ASD application by accurately predicting that application’s performance levels without the need of a costly harmonic study.

“For SOLV™ 6.5, Mirus has incorporated new software capabilities based on extensive feedback and user insights received from consulting engineers and power quality professionals. By integrating this knowledge into SOLV™, Mirus has further evolved the craft of harmonics analysis, providing users with additional tools to enhance their ability to calculate current and voltage distortion for their unique applications,” said Tony Hoevenaars, president and CEO of Mirus International.

Building off of the success of previous versions, new features for SOLV™ 6.5 include:

  • Dual scenario comparison: By running two simulation scenarios, power quality professionals can now compare energy consumption as well as harmonic mitigation performance.
  • Improved user interface: New data entry enhancements allow users more flexibility when inputting system component values.
  • Enriched reporting and export capabilities: Improved reporting enables users to generate an extensive consolidated report exportable to a single PDF file.

SOLV™ also allows users to perform energy analysis by providing evidence of how energy can be saved by removing harmonic losses introduced by ASDs and justifying the use of Lineators based on energy savings. Its kW calculation includes all harmonic losses in transformers and cables and provides total kW, kVA and kVAR at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC) and Distribution Panel in the Summary Report.

“I’m excited about the new features in SOLV v6.5, specifically the dual scenario comparison. It has helped us to compare our clients’ energy consumption and harmonic distortion, it has given us the opportunity to present multiple solutions,” said Ali Sarrafian, P.Eng. of ADM Engineering Ltd. speaking about the new SOLV v6.5, “The reporting process has also improved, it is now easier to prepare professional PDF reports and share with the Engineers.”

SOLV™ 6.5 is a complimentary software available from Mirus International. For a full list of the software’s features and benefits and to download the latest technology for harmonics simulation and analysis, visit www.mirusinternational.com.

Media Contact:
Shannon Dougall
Marketing Manager, Mirus International